"For those who know that second place will never do."
Member Obligation:

The agreement is a monthly agreement.  It will automatically renew each calendar month, unless otherwise cancelled.  The agreement can be cancelled anytime with a 30 day written notice.

Monthly Cost:

Urban Centre Tenant- $20.00 (Tax Included)
Non-Tenant- $25.00 (Plus FL Sales Tax)


One time fee of $10 for the facility key card (1st month).

Facility Access:

Members will have access to the facility during the following hours only.  Access is via key card only.  Security system is on 24-7.

Hours:  5:30am-10pm M-F
            7:30am-5pm Saturday
            Closed Sunday

What's Here and What Members Need to Bring:

Members will need to bring personal toiletries, and a lock with them for each visit.  Daily use lockers, shower towels, sweat towels, and an area to hang clothes are provided. Soap, shampoo, and conditioner are also provided in the showers.  A hair dryer is provided in the women's locker room.
*If you would like to cancel an existing membership, please send us an email at